Pond Liners by Water Gardening Direct


Which Liner and Underlay should I choose?

Whether your pond is a natural pond, home to a few Goldfish or has giant Koi, it has to hold water and in most ponds the water is kept in with a pond liner. The process of building a pond is not something many people would cherish having to do twice. It’s therefore important that the correct liner and underlay are chosen, if not the pond will not be water tight and the whole project may need re-doing. You cannot predict every eventuality, but spending some time working out the risk and threats can save time and money later. The risks to liners come from above and below. They are predominantly from claws and accidents. The claws could be dogs, cats, ducks or herons, whilst the accidents could be children with sticks or a fallen rock. From below the risks are from stones, flint, rubble, underground pipe work and roots (existing and new systems). Whilst digging the hole out you will discover what materials/dangers are contained within the area and be able to judge most of the risks. However, do not forget to look in to the future. Along with most new ponds comes some level of new planting and you must consider the root systems form these plants as well. Decorative features within the pond can have an impact on your requirements, for example a pebble beached area or large decorative stones should have underlay between them and the liner, particularly if you are likely to walk on them. The above idea’s are not an exhaustive list but some of the most common problems we have come across.

If you believe the risk of puncture is high, then we would recommend using the stronger liners and underlay i.e. Greenseal, Butyl or Firestone liners, each with 250g underlay. However, if you do not believe the liner is under any threat then consider the AquaPrem 15 or 30, with 250g underlay as an added precaution.

SealEco Greenseal Liner

Greenseal EPDM pond liners are the modern alternative to Butyl pond liners, 0.75mm Greenseal EPDM pond liners come with a Lifetime Guarantee and have the same if not better UV stability, weather tolerance and strength properties than butyl. In addition, Greenseal EPDM pond liners can also be “Box welded” into certain shapes, which avoids creases from folding.

Firestone Liner

A 1mm thick EPDM rubber liner. EPDM rubber has almost exactly the same property’s as 0.75mm Greenseal, but has even better weathering capabilities, and because it is 0.25 thicker that the SealEco Greenseal you will end up with a stronger product. As such if your highest concern is the likelihood of puncture or abrasion, then Firestone is the best choice. However, this extra thickness means the material is less flexible than the Greenseal, Butyl or AquaPrem which means it does not fold or crease quite as well, making it harder to lay in ponds where the liner needs a lot of folding. Supplied with a Lifetime Guarntee.

Butyl Liner

A liner made from 0.75mm Swedish Butyl rubber. Butyl has been used in the pond industry for over 40 years and whilst it is not guaranteed against puncture, its elastic properties help guard against puncture, because it will stretch before it breaks. Being thinner than Firestone, Butyl creases more easily and is therefore ideally suited to more complicated shapes where the liner will need to be folded more frequently. Supplied with a Lifetime Guarantee against degradation by the sunlight and manufacturing faults. Butyl can be box welded into certain shapes which can help avoid creases and folding.

AquaPrem PVC

Made exclusively for Water Gardening Direct, AquaPrem is a genuine PVC liner specifically made for Ponds and Water Gardens. It is made by an EU manufacturer with over 40 years’ experience, using only high quality virgin PVC and is designed to ensure a high resistance to UV (sunlight degradation). New technology allows large sizes of liners (up to 6m widths) to be produced without welds. Available in 2 different thicknesses to suit your pocket and project, 15 year and 30 year guarantee.

250g Underlay

A top quality densely woven fibre which is root resistant and puncture resistant. It has a weight and density of 250gm/m2. This underlay is so strong and dense that Water Gardening Direct are happy to recommend it as a very effective protection for your liner.