Paul M built the Pro System for his great pond in London.


Steve M, has just finished his new Pro System for the new pond. Looking good Steve.


Justin H sent me pic’s of his pond Before and After the filter build.


Paul S. from Grimsby UK built the Master System last year and he loves it.

That’s 5ft of gin clear water. Nice one m8.

More from Paul under the tab Filter Feedback.

28th March 2016
Just in from Reed W on his commercial turtle farm project.
12 Mk1 Master filters fitted in total and working well.

18th March 2016.

I’ve just received these pic’s from Kevin P. Nice one m8. The media still new and yet to settle.


These pics from jeremy D using garden water buts. They make a great filter. Great job Jeremy.

John P just finished building his filter system. Great job John. Well done.

Ed C. Has just finished his filter build. Gin clear Ed. Nice One.

Max from Australia made a cracking job of the filter. Nice Pond Max.

Ed C. Has just finished his filter build. Gin clear Ed. Nice One.

Brian, From  Charlotte, NC. Has just built this filter using a different type of tub.

Barry S has built my filter using a different type of bin.

Phil J Building This Filter. All done and working well. Nice job phil.

Nigel W, Filter build in the UK using new wheelie bins. They look just the job!

Mike G, filter build, Dorchester, Dorset UK.

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