Build yourself the latest in pond filtration.

This is a system for the DIYer of the pond world. I have found this system absolutely amazing in performance and absolute water clarity. When I first started to build this filter I said “if it’s as good as the Pro system it will be worth doing. This filter has now been running on my pond for 2 months and has performed faultlessly. And the results are amazing and can be seen in my videos. One of the real benefits of this filter is the dirt is removed from the water straight away, whereas all other filters keep the dirt in the filter polluting the water until you clean them, which is usually a week. This filter does take a bit more building than my other filters, but I have drawn up very detailed plans of every step of the build accompanied by pictures, plus there is video of every step showing in detail how everything’s done and I’m always here to help if needed. I bought everything to build this filter new and at retail price and the cost was £550.00. Just by shopping around and getting some parts second hand you could save yourself quite a lot of money. To buy a system like this, and of this size from a retailer would cost you around £2500.00 plus. These plans contain everything you need to know about building this system. Plus there is a list of parts and the links where to get them and the price at the time of my build. These plans are downloaded in PDF format for only £25.00 and with online help if required. Credit/Debit Card or PayPal can be used through the PayPal secure payment system. You also get personal notification of any up-grades released on this system. Plans also included are the full details on how to build the stand for this system. If you have any questions about this filter, contact me at

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