This is the step by step instructions on how to build the Duck Pond easy to clean filter system from start to finish. Detailed instructions, 3D drawings and a full list of parts. Also links to instructional video’s to guide you every step of the way. Plus on line help if you need it. The filter system shown in these instructions is with the water flow from right to left, and for use with Kaldnes K1 media. We’ll take you from building the base right through to the finished filter. This system has undergone major changes, and modifications to the previous system, making it even more efficient, more controllable and able to cope with a greater and controllable through flow of water. Also the drainage has been made more efficient incorporating the cleaning air lines. It’s also easier to maintain with less chance of blocking as the drains are fitted on the bottom of the tub which will remove more dirt when cleaning the system. I have also made videos to accompany these plans which you should watch before each step to make things so much easier for you, particularly if you have never done anything like this before. I used 250 ltr tubs, but you can use what you like to build your system. Also the gate valves between tubs are optional and can be replaced with cheaper straight rubber connectors. The plans show the airlines built into the drains. But to make things easier for you there is also a video showing a much easier way to fit the airlines. This system uses 3 inch (90mm) pipework for the through flow and 1½ inch (40mm) pipework for the drainage. You will be surprised how easy this filter is to build and very rewarding when you’re done.

These plans are downloaded in PDF format for only £15.00 and with online help if required. This filter is not for use on fish ponds.

Credit/Debit Card or PayPal can be used through the PayPal secure payment system. You also get personal notification of any up-grades released on this system. Plans also include the full details on how to build the stand for this filter. If you have any questions about this filter system contact me at

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