This 2 Tub Bio System is a brand new filter for ponds around 2000 UK gallon. It has the more efficient Pro filter design features and the modern re-designed drainage that removes a lot more dirt. It’s also much cheaper to build and requires less media, while still giving much better performance than the average mass-produced pond filter. This filter is so easy to clean you don’t even get your hands dirty. Also as your pond and fish grow so can the filter. You simply add another tub, it’s as easy as that. This simple and very efficient design is now the most popular DIY filter on the planet. This filter is built using 110 ltr tubs with the cheaper 2 inch (50mm) pipework and can run on 70 ltr of K1 media.
The step by step instructions together with 3D drawings guide you every step of the way with online backup if needed. These instructions also include instructions for building the stand. These plans contain everything you need to know about building this system, and there is also a complete list of parts and the links where to acquire them.

These plans are downloaded in PDF format for only £10.00 and with online help if required.

Credit or Debit Card or PayPal Account can be used through the PayPal secure payment system. You also get personal notification of any up-grades released on this filter. If you have any questions about this filter system contact me at

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