Here are just one or two genuine Emails from people who have built this filter system.


David C’s Filter Is Now Up And Running. 30.07.2017

Hi Terry,

It will be a pleasure being involved in the forum.
My pond has never looked so good. The new filter was working after 2 days and i have now got excellent water clarity and for the first time in 20 years can enjoy the fish and the pond as a feature in the summer , rather than looking at a bowl of pea soup.
The garden does look like a bombs hit it but the condition of the pond has now inspired me to get the finger out and complete a lot of the works required before the winter.
Thanks for all the advise and effort and i will certainly be there should anyone wish to talk about my problems with my pond to date.

Best personal regards,
David C


Jonathan B has just built the Pro Midi System. 21/05/2017

Hi Wrighty,

I’ve finally built your Pro Midi filter and after a month of running it, all I can say is Thank You! I have a 1500 gallon pond that has always been murky and using the Midi Pro and an 11 watt UV it’s now clear with 10 koi that I’ve never seen properly before. It’s given me a new interest in my pond and my children love it. I can’t thank you enough. I enjoyed making it too, so it’s a win win situation.

All the best to you and yours,



Just in from Steve W. on the Midi System. 09/04/2017.

Hi Terry,

Just a quick email to let you know how pleased I am with the water quality/clarity after building the Midi-Filter system👍😃.
I’ve now got brilliant movement in tub 3, I’ve replaced the Micro with K1 & took out the air stone and replaced with a ring of 8mm tubing on the bottom with hundreds of tiny holes in it. Just need to build a Pre-Filter now to stop the Algae from entering Tub 1! Keep up the good work Terry, still enjoying watching your videos!
I’ve attached a quick video showing my Pond & how Clear it is.     Click to watch Video_1

Cheers Steve

“Happy PONDING”😃


Jim built my Pro filter system 18 months ago. 07/04/2017.

Hello M8,

  Just to let you know it has been a year and half since your filter has been operational here in California (you know the “Colinies”) ha ha.
Anyway all successful and they work great. Thank you for everything. One thing I would like to pass along to you regarding cleaning the bins. I am now using a water pump to agitate the K1 and it works very well. I just drop the pump into the bin and let it run for a time and then drain. I had a few problems with the air pump giving up the ghost so I switched to this method. I no longer use the air pump at all.
I would appreciate you thoughts about this.

Best to you and yours Terry,



Just received this from Neil L who’s just finished the Midi Filter. 21/03/2017.

Hi Terry, the filter is finally up and running, everything seems to be working ok.

Just need a bit more micro for the moving bed. Thanks a lot for all your help and advice. Ive put a pic in of the clariry of my pond at 4.5ft deep… well pleased and i can even see my chagoi now!

Cheers again
Neil L.



Alex W built the Pro System through the winter. 02/03/2017

I know it’s early days but to be honest, I am blown away at the simplicity of your design. Does it work – an absolute yes!

Thanks again for your welcome advice!



Alex W


Mike J fitted the Pro system to his nice pond 26/12/16

Hello Terry,

Your videos help me a lot. I used your 3 barrel filtration plans for my 6 1/2′ deep pond 8,000 gallons
and it filters perfect. Thanks for all your advise and videos.
Thanks Mike


From Diane K Who Fitted The New Duck Pond System. 26/12/2016

Hi Terry

Merry Christmas to you! The 3-barrel duck pond system of yours that I installed on my duck pond some time ago is going great. The pond is clear, and you can see the bottom, the barrels do get really full of duck muck on a regular basis and need flushing but the system is working great! Many many thanks for your excellent design and information. I have put a second system the same on my drake pond and it’s also going great.

thanks again



George H built my filter system 18 months ago. 21/10/2016.

Customer Feedback

Dear Terry

 I have been using your filter system for a year and a half now. The first pond was about 2500 gallons but the new one is 4000, I emailed you at the time of the first build and said I would send some photos but never got round to it. Sorry for that, so here are some of the last one. I have been keeping koi for about  25 years and now have your bio-filter running in line with the pond which I would have to say has given me the best results. The first pond I did not use this system and lost several fish, so a full on rebuild was the order of the day. It has taken 6 months in my spare time to do it and at my age reminded me I am not as young as I used to be, but I do love building them and as you have said you were thinking of doing the same sort of thing, I thought I would drop you a line to say what a good idea it is, as for your filter system it works faultlessly, my water is gin clear. I use bottom drains, 55 watt uv and skimmer. You will notice that I have a sun sail over my pond. This has been a godsend as I had a heron problem a few months ago after nets and electric fence which looked awful, I put up the sail and the herons have never come back, it also keeps the sun off the water so will help reduce the algae on the pond and gives the koi some protection from the uv rays , still thank you for the filter, it is the best most cost effective system i have come across ever

Regards George.


Mark S has just finished building my system. 17/10/2016.

Hi Terry
I just wanted to say thanks for the fantastic design and the info for your Pro Pond Filter, I have constructed as your plans other than using
50mm waste pipe to link the wheelie bins. I turned on the filter plant for the first time on Sunday morning, my pond was dirty and I was unable to identify the fish or the number of fish in the pond ,already I can see the bottom of the shallow end  and am staggered at the number of fish I have , to say I am thrilled is an under statement .
Many thanks

Kind Regards

Mark S.



Devin sent an email from Hawaii. He has a koi farm. 25/09/2016

Hello Terry,

I purchased the minor and pro filter plans a few months ago and since then I have built 4 of your filters for my koi farm in Hawaii. I love the design of your filters, they are easy to maintain, performance is unmatched, and very affordable…. Anyways, I was watching a couple of your videos that you made a while back and saw that you had made a pre filter/ sieve style filter before going into your system… I was wondering if you have more photos or a design plan so I can build a filter like yours shown in the video before your move….
Thank you,
Devin J V

Raymond B Just sent me this email 17/09/2016. He built the Midi System.

Hello Terry,

Just to let you know that I have completed building the Midi Filter and it is up and running. After leak testing, I found that only the Speed Fit pipework leaked and that was because I hadn’t pushed the pipes far enough into the fittings. I finally set the filters running at approx 3.00pm last Thursday and expected to wait quite a while for the pond water to be affected. NEXT MORNING, to my absolute amazement, I found the pond to be much clearer already and come Saturday morning, the pond water was clearer than I’ve ever seen it and the fish looked very happy. It’s been an absolute miracle, especially as I haven’t seen the fish for many months, just feint, ghostly shapes. Today, there seems to be even more of an improvement. This system certainly works . I’ve got 50 litres of K1 Media in each tank.

Your detailed plans are excellent. I’d bought the plans for the Pro system before deciding the Midi System would be better suited. The first plans were very useful in that I built the base using your detailed instructions. My wife and son are very impressed with the whole setup, saying how professional it all looks and I agree.

Thanks for your plans and for the email help you gave. It’s been a very enjoyable project which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and, as you say,

Happy Ponding

My Best Regards
Raymond B


Paul S. Built The Master System Last Year And Sent Me This Email & Some Pictures. 15/05/16.

Hi Terry,I started building all this in April …..its all up & running and maturing nicely, I’m sending you several emails with Customer Feedbacksome finished pics, I hope you like it, I certainly do. The water is 5ft deep and gin clear…….it’s so mirror like, I had trouble taking pics of the fish!!! I’m running the three 210ltr barrels as static at the moment…..the ph/nitrate levels are spot on with zero ammonia, if that changes I will turn on the installed air system for the moving bed. But so far so good, I make it a Sunday morning ritual of cleaning the filters while still in my pj’s wiv a cuppa….you devised such a brilliant system, I just turn a few valves and 15mins later I’m done…… I have used 50mm pipework and doubled it all up, my last barrel feeds the waterfall via gravity, I control the flow to this with w.proof duct tape closing some of the holes…..bit bodgy but it works, the rest of the flow enters back into the pond.
I just want to thank you for all your time and info that you gave me last year, I really appreciate it, your site has been invaluable,
Many many thanks

Paul S.


Jeremy Built The Master System With Water Buts. Great Job! 05/04/2016Customer Feedback

Hi Terry
Thanks for the advise
Please find photos of my filter set up
As you can see I used garden water butts and I must say that I am more
than happy with the water quality and clarity.
For years I have put up with cloudy murky waters and now my pond is
crystal clear.
Your website was a revelation and I cannot praise you enough
Keep up the great work and updates.

Best Regards
Jeremy D


The Pro System Put To Test On A Duck Pond. 03/04/2016

Hi Terry,I noticed that the flow back into the pond was a little sluggish today so I checked the tubs.All absolutely putred!
I was hoping that the ease of cleaning your koi pond would also translate to my mucky duck pond. Good news – it took me no more than 10 mins to partially drain each, and as the airflow isn’t great yet, I found that a garden hose on high pressure shower setting washed most of the ‘duck muck’ off the media really well. I didn’t clean it entirely but within 10 mins the water was 95% clean and the system is going again.The ducks are in the pond pretty much all the time, but since installing the filter they’ve been in more often. I think they know it’s cleaner.Thankyou so much, I’ve had my duck pond for about 2.5 years and I have tried so many ways to keep the pond clean. When i’m working, I do not have 2 hours every 4 weeks to clean out the entire pond (which is what I’ve been doing). The water hasn’t totally cleaned up yet, as it’s only been a few days, but already the pond looks better (I can see the pump) and the muck coming out of the tubs is testimony to the efficiency of this cleaning method. When I go back to work, it is going to be sooooooo much easier to keep clean!!Thankyou again! I will be going on to the duck and poultry forums later and putting in your website/testimonial encouraging other duck pond owners to follow this method.

kind regards


 Just in from Kev B on his scaled down version of the Pro Filter. 31/03/2016

Hi Terry Just wanted to update you on the complete build of the Pro system, really happy with the plans they are more than clear and If followed to the book, I think a mirror image of yours is more than achievable, I did use different wood thickness on the stand and my tank connectors are 2″ pipe and only 70ltr tubs which does show how versitile it can be scaled down, to be honest I didn’t use the airline mod with the shower drains ( as much as I liked that idea ) I just used 1.5″ tank connector and a custom drain covers that I will show when I send you a video over, had no trouble building but did spend time setting the gate valves to get the correct water level in the 3 beds, was 2 hours of watching and tweaking ( but I’m abit OCD) but now they are set its so easy to work I’ve glued markers under the slide valves so I can just open and close for cleaning and then push the valve tap back to the correct level everytime with no worries of water level changes.. Over all I’m glad I had a go at this, I was happy with the old style filter but you have raised the standards even higher. Will follow with a video and pics very soon to show the visitors who could be thinking of having ago at the build. Just hold back on another filter design, my wife couldn’t handled another month of me hidden in the shed 🙂

Take care Happy ponding bud ????

Kev B


Afternoon Terry

Couldn’t resist having a go at making your new filter system. I’ve just had a quick look at the instructions and Videos, they are perfect. You have designed yet another Super filter 🙂
I’m still running your previous filter and it’s running great, I keep watching your videos on YouTube of the new Pro filter and I can’t resist the challenge, it just looks so well made and thought out, so I’ve made the leap, purchased your plans and getting the parts ordered.
Planning the build over the next few weeks.
Soon be time to really enjoy are ponds. Summer’s round the corner 🙂

Thanks again Kev,


Hi Terry,

Awesome system and it is working superbly. It took 4 weeks to start making any difference. Now my 40000 litre pond is crystal clear with the third drum yet to be filled. And though the pond is 3/4th exposed to sunlight, I’m not even having green water problems in the absence of UV system. Thank you so much for all the excellent guide lines by you.????

Raymond P


Hi Terry,

Happy New Year to you.Customer Feedback
Just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for your help and for designing such a brilliant filter.
The results are fantastic. I
had to make a few alterations as my system is gravity fed but it just works fantastically. My pond is 4ft deep and the water is crystal clear! I had previously looked at buying a nexus 320 but the price really put me off! I have built this filter for a fraction of the price and in my eyes it is a better set up. What I have done is not pretty as I was limited with space to get the filter concealed behind my pond but I thought I’d send you a couple photos!
Anyway Thanks again terry never been so happy with the clarity of my pond water.
Best wishes,

Ed C.


Many thanks for the quick response.

I can’t thank you enough for your system. I was on the verge of giving up ponding altogether as it was so much work over the past several years to maintain. Having no success with commercially available filter systems I told my wife there has to be something better out there when I found your website. Wish I had done this long ago!

Now I am once again motivated and already designing the new pond which will certainly incorporate your system.

Again my thanks,

Happy New Year Terry.
… and the pond filter is not quite there yet. Water is flowing through the barrels, cages are made. Filter media purchased. Just need to do the airline. … really enjoying building my own filter (from your design) … even though I have taken ages.
Will be finished in January!
Happy filtering 🙂

Hi Terry
just seen your new set up, have to say you raised the benchmark yet again. Its so neat and tidy looking 🙂 love your ideas and videos keep them coming. Mines working like a dream my water quality is the best I’ve ever had it.
Take-care / all the best for the new year / Happy Ponding

Hi Terry
just thought I’d drop you a line and send some photos of my (your!) filter system I have now completed.Customer Feedback
I must say it was extremely easy to build – but a bit of a challenge getting all the fittings here in Batam, Indonesia!
As you can see from the photos I had to elevate the drums a bit to suit the height of my existing waterfall but all has turned out very well.
I did get a negative reaction from the wife when she first saw the height of the base and the blue drums that were going to sit on it – hence everything is now painted the same colour as the wall and she’s happy now.
Overall, about 6 days to find all the bits (even then I could not source solvent weld bulkhead fittings so had to resort to threaded fittings and then away to solvent weld fittings), 4 days to make the base, 2 days to build the filter system.
All running well and now waiting for it to mature.
Will update again in due course.

Hi Terry,

Just a quick note to let you know how wonderful your filter system is working.  I hope the short video attached works for you. I think the Windows Media Player will work. In the beginning of the video you can see the bottom drain, that drain is approx 3ft deep. So you can see the water is crystal clear.

Everything you posted in your videos is right on m8. The filter works flawlessly, so easy to clean. You are the best.

Best regards m8,


Hi Terry,

Thanks for another great video.. just in the middle of building your filter system.. will keep you updated. I purchased the plans of your website 2 weeks ago and they are great to follow. Did a run today but had 2 little leaks.. but tomorrows another day 🙂
Thanks Kev

Hi Terry,

I built the pond 3 years ago and it is approximately 1,000 gallons. I originally purchased an Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod. I persevered with this for about a year, adding additional UV power before realising that the 30 litres of K1 was never going to be enough to give me the clear water that I wanted. So after a long chat with my nearest quality koi dealer (Koi Logic – I believe you are familiar with them!), I built a DIY shower filter using Crystal Bio.
Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to work either.
I then came across your videos on YouTube earlier this year. I decided to build a similar filter to test for myself your concept. I purchased a 220 litre tub, which I filled with 100 litres of plastic media (50 litres of 15mm and 50 litres of K1). I then used an existing 100 litre tub as a second filter but housing my crystal bio, but static as opposed to shower.
There was an immediate improvement in my water clarity, which I attributed to the first tub, as the Crystal Bio just kept clogging with muck.
Anyway, the improvement I experienced with the single tub of plastic media made me realise what could be achieved if I used your 3 tub design.
At the moment (and as you suggest) I have the 50 litres of 15mm media in tub 1, and the 50 litres of K1 in tub 2. Tub 3 is currently empty, until my next visit to Koi Logic to invest in some K1 micro and a low wattage air pump to complete the set up.
I will keep you posted, but my expectations are high!
Thank you for your help and for sharing your results for the benefit of us amateurs everywhere!

Regards, Keith

Hi Terry
Just an update on my ponds clarity, attached is a photo of the pond and the very clear water, My new 3 drum filter (like yours) is doing its job, so impressed it has been running now for a month, but even after 24 hours you cold see the difference. Best couple of hundred quid I’d spent in a long time, only problem now is, because it is so clear, you can now see all the pipework. I turned off the air pump as to get a better picture there is only one very minor leak on the moving bed drum. it will eventually seal itself as the others did.

I still look out for your videos on anything new.

thanks for all your advice


“Happy ponding”

Good afternoon Terry,

The good news is that yesterday, Sunday, I saw the bottom of the pond clear as day and the fish are very happy and healthy.
We are members of a Koi club and yesterday was our monthly meeting. I saw the same setup as what you designed but the barrels contained filter material that you remove and clean along with bio balls. The barrels were 60 gallons in size and the pump was very large. The problem is that you must remove the filters weekly and clean them thoroughly.
Ours has k1 in barrels 1 and 2 and K1 micro in barrel 3 . 50 litres in each barrel and the chocolate color in each is remarkable and then dumped into the garden as fertilizer. All is great. The other lady’s pond filtering system has the filter and bio balls and was installed by a professional installer of these things and everything pond. I guess he was installing this when the K1 was not available to him or he does not know of the K1. If she needs help later I will show her our set up and go from there. With a few adjustments to the system we found the perfect level to operate at and the water is clear and fresh with the skimmer valve furnishing “top up” water from the  well.
All is great! Thank you again for your help and guidance through this project.


Thanks Terry

I’ve really enjoyed your videos and making my own filter from your plans has been really fulfilling. My water quality is amazing and the fish are the happiest they have ever been. Loving it at the minute. I’ll send some pics of my pond and fish soon as well. Thanks and I look forward to watching more of the videos.

Regards Chris

Thank you Terry for all your efforts & your brilliant website, for many years I’ve struggled on my own with my ponds. The only help was books !! & pond accessory makers !!!!!!  (say no more) As I live In Kintyre Argyll there’s  a lot of nothing here to get any form of help with basic living, let alone the complications of keeping a koi pond.  So now I’ve found your website its like  breath of fresh air on the subject, hope you enjoyed your holiday (sorry I did not know when I placed my order with you) & ready to carry on with the good work you are doing. Will send you photos & details of my pond when I’ve finished adding this new filter system to it & how it’s changed the pond upkeep, if that’s any help to you.



Yes it worked whoo hoo! Finished the three tub filter and I now have clear water and only 15 minutes to clean the filter. it’s only been running two weeks at the moment though. I had to empty my pond into a 24ft x 12ft x 3ft kids play pool and clean out all the gunk from the bottom of the pond, I put the pool water back in the pond Topped up with fresh water “AFTER” removing the chlorine etc .The old pond water that was taken out of the pond was reused even though it was really cloudy and still thick with algae but chemically good, no ammonia or nitrites etc. two weeks later and its now Crystal clear.
Many thanks for your help Terry and for posting a real answer to green water and easy filter maintenance. Will email you a couple of photos for your website.
All the best


Hi Terry

I have struggled with my pond for four years and lost interest in the end, but then I watched your videos on YouTube and they made sense. So I bit the bullet and went for it. I followed your plans to the letter and being honest was going to come back to you if it didn’t work. Well with tongue in cheek mate I have to say the change in my pond is remarkable, I can see the bottom of my pond for the first time in 3 years and I didn’t quite realize just how some of my fish has grown. UNBELIEVABLE! I have used pressure filters in the past with no success and they are disgusting to clean.
I have you to thank in a big way mate, for all your help and advice. My interest in my pond is back and growing, even the wife is taking an interest now.Well done mate and thanks again. Brian. Happy Ponding.


Hi Terry,

Many thanks for all your help and for posting your videos on youtube,  I have attached a few photos of my pond.
There is a before pic, a pic of the filter I built and a 16 day later pic. I still have some tidying up of pipes and things but it works a treat.
My pond is about 13 years old and I have spent a fortune in the past trying to get the water clear to the point I just gave up and let nature take its cause with the water. My water has always been really good with regards to quality but it was always green with algae until now. Anyway thank you again and I look forward to your future videos on youtube.

All the best,