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Build Yourself The Ultimate DIY Pond Filter.

An Easy To Clean Bio Filter Using K1 or Micro Media.

You Can Also Build Yourself An RDF (rotary drum filter)
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So successful it’s now being used on fish and turtle farms all over the world.

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Professional Fish Pond Bio-Filter At DIY Cost

The Ultimate Pond Filter Using Kaldnes K1 & Micro.

Pro Filter SystemMake Cleaning Your Filter System A Pleasure.

4 Different Size Filter Systems To Choose From.

With equal performance to Nexus filters.

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Our Pro Bio Pond Filter System

This new pond filter system is the icing on the cake, giving remarkable water quality, using less bends and pipe making it able to cope with a much greater through flow and bigger pumps if needed. Yet still giving full performance with smaller pond pumps that have a lower flow rate.

I have also completely re-designed the drainage system that now removes a lot more dirt during cleaning, and incorporates the airline for cleaning the media, making this filter system even easier to build.

The step by step instructions along with pictures and videos explain each step of the build in understandable detail. Plus I’m here to help should you need me. I’m only an email away. Start building now and have this filter on your pond for the summer. Do yourself and your pond a favour.

Can Also Be Built As A Gravity Fed Pond Filter System

Easy To Build And Maintain

DIY Pro Pond Filter Build.



Pond Filter Systems: Minor. Midi. Master and the New Pro Pond Filter

Our Brand New Pond Pre-Filter Plans Now Available.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Actual Comments From Our YouTube Channel On Our Pond Filter Systems

Stephen Sargeant I’m speechless, this is by far the best idea for a filter set up. Thank you for sharing. Cheers.
Pt Nguyen Wow amazing filter! I’m definitely going to build something similar to this!
edvac1 A Very ingenious system, indeed. I’d like to put one of those together for our pond here.
Ludo De Groote Great design, I’m going to set it up next spring.
Christopher England All I can say is wow, what an amazing job!
Henry Jiang Hi, after I watched your video I was very impressed with your design.
Stephen Sargeant That my friend is genius, I turned my above ground pool into a pond I’m going to try your system.
Zac Knighton-smith Hi mate, this is by the best I have seen.  I am looking to make one myself.
pwkthejays Hi Terry, great pond filter.
Joel Lege Fantastic system.  Maybe I missed it on your video but where do you have your pump placed.
mzmadman Great system, well done I appreciate you sharing.
Jon Jon Wonderful design, I am def going to incorporate this in my pond.
Ed Vonk Thank you for this upload. Very nice system. I live in Thailand and used a pressure filter until today.
KingFish Nice video.  I’m building my pond and plan to use your system.

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